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I found this story from Paolo Coelho the other day and really wanted to share it.  Paolo is the master story-teller who wrote the Alchemist, a wonderful allegorical tale that I would suggest to anyone.  I recently stumbled upon Paolo’s blog and it is a fantastic resource and recommended reading.

Needing to adapt to the times, the devil decided to have a sale to get rid of his stock of old temptations.  He placed an ad in the newspaper and attended to his customers with great enthusiasm.

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I was reflecting this morning on the story of the Sirens from greek mythology. 

The Sirens were three women who lured sailors to their deaths on the rocky coast of their island through songs and music.

In our lives there are statements and excuses that can enter our minds that hold us back or put our endeavours in jeopardy.  They are lies, distortions or things that we wish were true that we say to ourselves or that others have taught us.

What are some of the “sirens’ songs” that can cause us to sink?

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