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Most of us have been there.

You have a disagreement or there’s something that you really want at work, home or church.

You do anything to get your way.

Name calling, manipulation, pulling rank, bringing up the past, yelling, threatening, even intimidation.

And then you win…

…but have you really won?

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Lots of people have excuses for not doing great things.

One guy was blind and one was deaf.

One guy was sacked from the company that he built from scratch.

One guy was sent home from school as a young child and his parents were told that he had a learning difficulty and was unteachable.

One guy was dyslexic and another suffered from severe motor neurone disease.

They are each reasonable excuses for not amounting to anything.

What’s your excuse?

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Green light in Madrid

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It’s a common question, “When is the best time to take action?”

My response would be, “right now!”

Too many times we wait around for the right time, the right economic conditions, the right people to give us their tacit approval, the right whatever half-baked excuse we use to procrastinate and not take action.

If you want to be successful in any area of life, assume that the light’s always green.

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If you are aiming to rise above mediocrity, then you should be looking to be remarkable.

To be remarkable is literally to have people make remarks about you.

Of course, some people do things that are remarked about that they shouldn’t, but there are plenty of noble things that you could be remarkable for.

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There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who read the manual and those who write it.

There are those who look to comply and do what they’re told and those who lead the way, driving change and innovation.

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There’s a story about a virtuoso violinist who was greeted by a female fan after another outstanding performance.

“I would give my life to be able to play like you.” The lady exclaimed.

The violinist grabbed her gently by the arm and whispered into her ear, “Lady, I did.”

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes about 10,000 hours to become an expert at a particular skill.

Is that a price that you’re willing to pay?

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Sydney Swans supporters at the 2006 AFL Grand ...

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On any given weekend, elite professional sporting teams will clash, with eager expectations from both sets of fans.

You can assume that both teams will be well coached, disciplined and possess a reasonably even spread of skill and athleticism.

As such, and as is the case in almost all big sporting contests, the game won’t be won with the body, but with the mind.

Mental strength is a huge factor in sports and is also applicable to success in business, parenting, church life or any other aspect of life.

I developed these three C’s of a winning mentality a couple of years ago when leading a large business team.  If you get them right, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning.

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milk bottle showing cream at the top

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My wife and I have an ongoing discussion about how much milk we should buy every week.  

She does the grocery shopping (thanks dear) and tries to buy just enough milk to get through the week.  My contention is that she should buy more than we expect to use because sometimes we run out of milk and then have to make an extra trip.   

As I looked in the fridge the other morning to get milk for the kid’s cereal, I realised that we can fall into a dangerous trap in life if we always try to do the minimum amount required.  I understood again that successful people always “buy more milk!”  

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I’m an avid reader of Seth Godin and one of the recurring themes in his writing is the “Lizard Brain”.  The Lizard Brain (also called the Resistance by Steven Pressfield) is the amygdala, the part of our brain that produces fear, anger, hunger and lust. 

The Lizard Brain can be our enemy.  It consistently holds us back and we don’t take charge of it, we will forever be mediocre without ever realising why.

Seth does a much better job of describing how it works, but I want to just share a few of the thought processes that the Lizard Brain uses to sabotage our efforts to go to the next level.

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John Wooden at a ceremony on Oct. 14, the coac...

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Earlier this year, world sports lost one of the greatest coaches of all time when Coach John Wooden passed away at the grand age of 99.

Coach Wooden was best known for his days at UCLA where he coached their basketball team to the following achievements:

  • 10 NCAA National Championships
  •  7 NCAA Championships in a row between 1967 and 1973
  • 88 consecutive wins between 1971 and 1973
  • An all-time winning percentage of 81.3%.

 He was granted the President’s medal of freedom in 2003, has written numerous books and is well known for his “Pyramid of Success.”

He also had some amazing quotes, some of which I would like to share with you.

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