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Welcome to Apple

Whenever a new employee starts at Apple, they receive a letter that says the following:

There’s work and there’s your life’s work.

The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it.  The kind of work that you’d never compromise on.  That you’d sacrifice a weekend for.  You can do that kind of work at Apple.  People don’t come here to play it safe.  They come here to swim in the deep end.

They want their work to add up to something.

Something big.  Something that couldn’t happen anywhere else.

Welcome to Apple.

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Steve Jobs

Image by acaben via Flickr

Steve Jobs, the iconic CEO of Apple has sadly passed away after recently announcing that he was stepping down from his role.

During his time at the helm of Apple, he turned them into an incredibly successful brand with ubiquitous products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the range of Mac computers.  Apple is now synonymous with cool and this is largely due to Steve’s leadership and vision.

How can Steve Jobs’ story inspire us today:

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Lots of people have excuses for not doing great things.

One guy was blind and one was deaf.

One guy was sacked from the company that he built from scratch.

One guy was sent home from school as a young child and his parents were told that he had a learning difficulty and was unteachable.

One guy was dyslexic and another suffered from severe motor neurone disease.

They are each reasonable excuses for not amounting to anything.

What’s your excuse?

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