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Last weekend, I took the kids on a stroll to the local park.

As I walked along, my youngest son, 5 year-old Logan, skipped ahead of me.

He loves going to the park and skipping was his way of expressing his inner joy.

My oldest son, Hayden, has a team-mate who, every time he scores, skips his way back to the other end of the court.

All of the parents smile and point out this example of unrestrained joy.

These events have led me to wonder how long it has been since I last skipped.

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This past weekend, I had the privilege of speaking to our church about joy.

In my research on the topic, I came across a few great quotes on the subject.

Not all of them made the final cut for the message, but I thought that I would share them all here.

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Are you happy?

Who are you reliant on for happiness?

Are you able to experience genuine joy in yourself without being reliant on the approval or acknowledgement of others?

Do you outsource your happiness or do you still keep the job in-house?

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