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In many sports, there are moments when you can choose to commit to the contest and risk injury in the quest for greatness and victory for your team, or you can back down and risk mediocrity.  Avoiding physical contact is called taking the “soft option.”

Every day, we are confronted with multiple choices.  How we act on those options will determine our future success.

In life, most people choose what’s easiest, what they’ve always chosen, what’s most convenient, what they see everyone choose, perhaps what their parents chose.

If you want to make the most of your life and stand out from the crowd, don’t take the soft option.

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milk bottle showing cream at the top

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My wife and I have an ongoing discussion about how much milk we should buy every week.  

She does the grocery shopping (thanks dear) and tries to buy just enough milk to get through the week.  My contention is that she should buy more than we expect to use because sometimes we run out of milk and then have to make an extra trip.   

As I looked in the fridge the other morning to get milk for the kid’s cereal, I realised that we can fall into a dangerous trap in life if we always try to do the minimum amount required.  I understood again that successful people always “buy more milk!”  

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The above statement has been heard on many occasions and I’m sure that you’re familiar with the term.

The term was first used in the Bible in Galatians 6:7 and continues to resonate today because we know that it’s true.

Unfortunately, so often it’s said in hindsight.

Something goes wrong in someone else’s life and we tell people that they reaped what they sowed.  Everyone nods their heads knowingly and feel relieved that it wasn’t them.

I suspect that we focus too much on the reaping and not enough on the sowing.

Let’s change that together!

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The Buffet at Langhams


I recently had the opportunity to indulge in the fantastic buffet at the Langham Restaurant in Melbourne (thanks boss).   

Being a person who likes his food, I was reminded of the following analogy from Brian Tracy’s excellent book on Goals.  The analogy is based around the idea of long-term gratification.  

You see, many people treat life like an a la carte restaurant. They eat limited portions from a limited menu and then have to pay afterwards.  

Alternatively, successful people treat life like a buffet. They pay the price at the very start and then can gorge themselves on everything that is on offer.  

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Throughout our lives we will be confronted with the opportunity to do one of two things. 

Do we wait or create?

Do we sit on the sofa, or get up and make something happen?

The choices that we make today can quickly become habits, so make conscious choices now so that you can own the more resourceful habits of the future.

The exciting news is that each of these options is 100% in our control.

I’ll let you decide which is the better choice.

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Me and my first-born, Hayden.


  I can still remember the moment when my first-born, Hayden came into the world.  The amazing sense of relief, love and then…panic!  

What do we do now?  Where’s the instruction manual?    

The nurses in the hospital were so brilliant as they showed me how to give Hayden his first bath and get him dressed in his little outfit for the first time.  Then, as I held him in my arms they left the room.  Aaaaaargh!  What do I do now?Whilst I don’t claim to have all of the answers and there still isn’t a manual that comes with parenthood, this post is designed to assist first-time parents with some of the dilemmas that they face as well as allowing others to add their tips in comments at the bottom.    

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Mineral water being poured from a bottle into ...

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Many times over the years I have heard that drinking water is good for your health.  However, it wasn’t until recently that I realised just how beneficial such a simple change can be. 

It is recommended that adults drink approximately 8 glasses of water per day (the equivalent of almost 2 litres).   Making a habit of regularly drinking water is important, but sometimes we need a compelling reason to change. 

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Gardening is a great hobby that is enjoyed by many people.  Whilst I wouldn’t call myself an avid gardener, when I finally drag myself outside on a nice day, it is a nice feeling to get a few odd jobs done and have the place looking better. 

Today was one of those days for me and as my wife and I pottered around in the front garden, enthusiastically assisted by our five year old, I had time to reflect on a few life principles that related to gardening. 

So what can we learn from gardening?

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On our personal development journey, a lot of focus is placed upon how we can create good habits to assist us in being successful.

But how do bad habits grow and what are some of the warning signs that we need to watch out for?

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

It’s generally considered that getting up nice and early will enable you to launch into the day and be more productive with your time, increasing your opportunity to be successful.

What can we do to win the struggle to get up in the morning? 

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