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Goals are great, big goals are better.

Unfortunately, sometimes we stop short of dreaming too big.

We think that greatness is meant for others, but not us.

That doesn’t have to be the case.

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It happens every year.

Great intentions, great goals, great start, terrible follow-through.

January’s a great month to get started on your goals as there are not too many conflicting priorities, but when life starts up again in February, it can get too hard and we often fall back into old habits.

It may be that you were aiming to save more, exercise more, pray more, read more or spend more time with your family this year.  Whatever it is, what can you do to help you get back on track and start building momentum again?

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There are times in life when things seem to get on top of us.  When chaos reigns and circumstances seem to conspire against us.

During these stages in life, it can be very easy to fall into a victim mentality, to think that there’s nothing that you can do and that you’re destined to be unhappy.

Here are a few tips that I’ve used to halt that mindset and become optimistic and resourceful again:

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Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Snakes are one of the most maligned creatures going around.

From the giant anaconda of the Amazon, to the rattlesnakes of the Americas, the cobras of Asia and Africa and the taipan of Australia, there are many well-known species and they have managed to inhabit almost the entire planet.

Since the Garden of Eden, they’ve been feared, but there are a few principles that we can learn from these unique creatures.

What can we learn from snakes?

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I have really enjoyed posted some great stories on this blog, but until now, all of them have been written by others.

This is my first attempt at posting an original story, I hope that you like it.

There were three storks who were born in the same nest and the same circumstances.

When it was time for them to leave the nest, they had to start to find their own food.

The first stork didn’t think that he would be able to catch the frogs and small fish that he needed to survive so he stomped around the edge of the lake in a foul mood. 

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Lion - Louisville Zoo

Image via Wikipedia

Besides the obvious physical differences between lions and zebras, there’s a key psychological difference as well.

Lions have to be faster and stronger than their prey to survive.  They must strive to be better and perfect their hunting skills.

Zebras just need to be faster than the next guy.  They just need to ensure that there’s at least one more zebra in the herd who is slower than them.

Are you a zebra or a lion?

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I’m sure that most of us had delusions of grandeur when we were kids.

Becoming an astronaut.

Breaking the world record for the 100m sprint.

Becoming the President of the United States or the Queen of England.

And then we grew up and became realists.

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Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Welcome to 2011.

This is the year when you have the opportunity to accomplish great things in numerous aspects of your life.

This is the year when you finally break that habit that’s been limiting your effectiveness for years.

This is the year when you become the husband/wife/parent that you know you can become.

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Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

As we enter the New Year, goal planning via New Year’s Resolutions becomes a priority for a lot of people.

However, as many of us would be aware, there’s a big difference between goal setting and goal achieving.

There are too many people with unfulfilled dreams and goals, so the intention of this post is to give you four simple, easy to remember steps to assist you in achieving your goals.

Here are the four R’s of goal achievement:

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Mini Oasis in the Namibe desert, Angola

Mini Oasis in the Namibe desert, Angola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just imagine travelling through the desert.

It’s stinking hot and dry.  The sun is almost unbearable as its rays beat mercilessly down upon your head.

And then in the distance, you see signs of life.

You focus all of your energy on your goal and drag yourself towards your desired destination.

And then you get there, only to find nothing but sand.

What you thought was an oasis was a mirage.

What do you do next?

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