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I wrote this story to describe why our common responses to life’s challenges don’t always work as well as we would like.

There was a young man named Tom who lived in a small village.

He was an angry young man, over-reacting to every offense and keeping others at a distance.

In desperation, his parents asked Tom to go and see the eccentric old priest who lived in the village.

The priest was renowned for his unorthodox methods that somehow worked.

When Tom saw the priest, the older man told the youth to go away and come back with two lumps of clay.

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NASCAR Pit Crew Challenge (2008)

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I’ve written a few times about the importance of having a network of support around you when you’re trying to navigate through life.  As social beings, to be completely self-reliant is not how we were designed and we are diminished if we don’t have others contributing to and sharing in our success.

However, I haven’t really defined the kinds of people who should be in your support crew, so that’s what I thought I should do today.

I’ve identified at least four different functions that you should think about having in your life to assist you in your journey.

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