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Just imagine a ship that is sitting still next to a jetty.  

If the captain wants to change the direction of the ship, he needs to get it moving first.  If the boat was to stay still, he couldn’t turn it around, it’s impossible.  The movement creates the opportunity to steer the ship. 

This principle is true in life as well, yet so often we miss it. 

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I came across this traditional Portuguese story a couple of weeks ago and thought that I would share it.

One day, a calf needed to cross an old forest in order to return to its pasture.

Being an irrational animal, it forged out a tortuous path full of bends, up and down hills.

The next day, a dog came by following the scent and used the same path to cross the forest.

Next it was a sheep’s turn, the head of a flock which, upon finding the opening, led its companions through it.

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