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As a pastor and blogger, I love it when I stumble across someone else’s site that I can read and learn from.

Last year, I posted my favourite Christian blogs (you can find them here).

As time has gone on, I’ve come across a few more that have made their way into my regular reading schedule and I would like to share them with you.

So here are some more favourite Christian blogs:

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One of the elements of blogging that I’ve really enjoyed over the past six months, has been to find what other blogs are out there and to learn from them.

Kent Shaffer from the Church Relevance website recently published the top 100 Christian blogs plus another 41 for good measure.

As a pastor and blogger, there are a few that I read regularly and I thought that I would share my favourites so that others can see some of the excellent sites that there are.

Some are written by people I know and some I’ve stumbled across in the past few weeks, but each of them has given me something to think about and helped me in my walk.  Not all of them are in the top 100, but they deserve to be.

Here are my favourite Christian blogs:

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OK admit it, you’ve entered your name in Google to see what comes up.

Guess what?  An increasing number of employers are doing the same to your name when they receive your application.

A recent survey of American recruiters revealed that 70% of them have rejected a candidate as a result of what they’re found out about them online.

This makes your online presence even more important as it can either help you get a job or butcher your application.

What do you need to think about to assist (and not hold back) your career?

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