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On our personal development journey, a lot of focus is placed upon how we can create good habits to assist us in being successful.

But how do bad habits grow and what are some of the warning signs that we need to watch out for?

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After making sure that we get the A for Attitude component right, it’s time for action, so in the ABC of success, B is for Behaviour.

In Australian Rules Football, there’s a well-known speech from a grand final in the 70’s when legendary coach John Kennedy screamed at his players, “Don’t think, do something.”

Sometimes I can’t help but think that there are a lot of seemingly happy, inactive people who aren’t successful because they don’t know how to take action in a way that will help them to be successful.

In brief, the key to taking action is goal-setting.  Without goals, we sometimes don’t know where to start, or we get into a “hamster on a wheel” routine, where we expend a lot of energy without actually making any progress.

Here are a few hints for goal-setting that I have found helpful:

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