Are you waiting for inspiration before you start?

For that moment when the stars align?

When a neon sign tell you what you should do next?

When the waters part?

When the muse makes her suggestion?

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In Mitch Albom’s wonderful book, “The Time Keeper”, the main character Dor has a conversation with a man named Victor.

“What you have done to this point cannot be undone. What you do next…”

“What?” Victor said, “What?”

“It is still unwritten.”

I don’t know that your past has been like.

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It seems obvious that a doctor who cares will be able to provide a better standard of care to her patients.

And a leader with passion will be much more effective at influencing the people around him.

A chef who loves cooking will be able to deliver a higher level of flavour and presentation.

And a customer service representative who smiles and engages with her clients will be able to create memorable and positive experiences.

An enthusiastic teacher can inspire an entire classroom.

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When you ask someone at work how they are, you will often hear the response, “Busy.”

For added impact, this can also come with a telling roll of the eyes and a sigh of exasperation.

It has become a badge of honour.

If I’m busy, then what I’m doing must be important.

If everyone else is busy, then I think I should be too, or at least tell everyone that I am.

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You may not be able to do much.

When you compare your capabilities and influence with others, perhaps you feel inadequate.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your efforts don’t matter.

But you can always smile.

You can always bring energy and enthusiasm.

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If you stand on one side of a river and throw a stick into the water, it will be taken by the current.

Wherever the river takes it, is where it will go.

Maybe it will eventually make it to the other side, somewhere downstream.

Maybe it will float back to the same side.

Maybe it will make it out to sea.

The stick doesn’t decide, the river does.

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Cheap wine, or expensive wine?

Takeaway, or a good, healthy meal?

Spend the day in bed, or get to work?

Let your kids run amok, or set and reinforce boundaries?

Sitting on the couch, or working out?

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Some people live as if there are a limited number of opportunities and maybe they’ve missed out.

But life hasn’t passed you by.

There will be another opportunity, and another, and another.

Then there are those who understand that there are lots of opportunities and they are happy to watch them pass by.

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Happy Birthday Logan and Madison

On this day 11 years ago, our wonderful twins, Madison and Logan, were born.

They were born three minutes apart, but despite being twins, they are very, very different.

Madison is full of life.

Ever the performer, she dances and prances around the house with seemingly endless enthusiasm.

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Despite your best endeavours, you may never reach the pinnacle.

You may never become the best in the world.

Your work may escape the attention of others.

The impact and influence of your life may not quite meet your expectations.

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