Complacency is very alluring.

It tempts us to believe that we can just take it easy.

It guides us towards temporary comfort and safety.

It tells us that our past achievements are sufficient.

It encourages us to heed our fears.

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You are strong enough.

You are smart enough.

You are resilient enough.

You are resourceful enough.

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If before the game even begins you think that you’ll lose, you will lose.

Your opponent will sense it and attack even harder.

You will believe it and try with less intensity.

You will make excuses to yourself about your poor performance.

You won’t go hard when the time comes to go hard.

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You can’t hold back the tide.

A raging fire consumes everything in its path.

A winding river slowly eats into the banks, changing the landscape as it goes.

A rampaging elephant stomps and batters and crashes through every obstacle in its way.

And then there is you.

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Every day, we turn up.

We do our work.

We do it with passion and excellence.

We encourage others in their endeavours.

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When God wanted to express how He felt about us, He didn’t send a love letter.

He didn’t send flowers, chocolates and a card.

He didn’t read us a soppy poem or write our names in the sky.

He sent his son, Jesus.

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When something doesn’t meet your initial expectations, it’s OK to be dissatisfied.

But don’t stay in that mindset for too long, use it to make changes.

Dissatisfied with a process at work? Make it better.

Not happy with your relationships? Become a better spouse/partner/friend.

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Sometimes, we place limitations on ourselves, imagining obstacles that aren’t really there.

We’re afraid.

Of what? It doesn’t matter.

Our fears are imaginary fences that block us in without good reason.

We think that they are there to protect us, when in fact, they just hold us back.

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Snails love lettuce.

They may move slowly, but they always find a way to get to their destination.

When you see them move, they don’t seem to be making much progress, but they always seem to make it to the lettuce in your garden, chomping away contently.

They understand that the lettuce won’t come to them, so every night, they venture out to get their meal.

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Your problems…

may slow you down, but they don’t have to stop you,

are an opportunity to learn,

can be character building,

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