Actions are like bank interest in that they have a compounding effect.

The actions that you take today give you something to build on tomorrow.

The little wins give you momentum.

The progress that you make encourages you to keep going.

The detours that you find along the way help you to find remarkable opportunities that you wouldn’t have found if you had stayed still.

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Be an active participant in life.

Put your phone down and engage with others.

Find someone to mentor.

Find someone to mentor you.

Go to the park with your kids and play.

Say “Yes” to more opportunities.

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50,000 people finished the recent NYC Marathon.

50,000 people signed up and believed that they could do it.

50,000 people trained for months to build up their running capacity.

50,000 people turned up to the starting line.

50,000 people started with enthusiasm.

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Don’t just cut and paste your days.

Don’t fall into such a rut that they all blend into each other.

Don’t do such simple, meaningless tasks that you can float through life without fulling engaging your brain, your passion and your soul.

Do something different today.

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I’m so excited!

A little over a month ago my beloved Richmond Tigers won their first AFL Premiership in 37 years and today I bought the 2017 Premiers Victory Pack, a 4 DVD pack that contains their 3 finals wins and season highlights.  As a long-suffering supporter, it was a phenomenal outcome for a team that came from nowhere to win the Grand Final in stunning fashion after one of the most dominant final series in recent history.

I can’t wait to find the time to relive the glory of the past season and replay the wins.

2016 was a different story.

We were terrible, coming 13th after a deplorable season that was difficult to watch.

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Before a pilot struts in and takes the controls of a plane, an aircraft engineer has quietly done the work required to ensure that the plane is airworthy.

When a rock band cranks out their favourite songs to their adoring fans, there’s someone at the sound desk trying to make them sound as good as possible.

And while we’re cheering our favourite sports teams on to victory, there’s someone in the bowels of the stadium looking after the equipment, cleaning the rooms or analysing the statistics.

Not everyone is made for the spotlight.

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I wish I knew what was at the finish line.

I wish that I could guarantee that you will win.

I wish that I could tell you that there are riches, glory and fame waiting for you.

I wish that I could assure you that there’s a big trophy with your name on it.

I wish that I could affirm that you will cross the line looking fresh as a daisy and ready to go again.

And it would be nice if there were lots of fans cheering you on and applauding your efforts.

But it may not work out that way.

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It’s scary how bad we were when we first started.

That first piece of writing.

That first attempted sale.

That first tee shot.

Embarrassing.  Diabolical.  Scary bad.

And when we look back on our current work in a few years’ time, what we’re doing now will look scary bad as well.

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Do you have wishes or goals?

Do you dream about a better tomorrow, or take action towards it.

Do you hope that you will get better results, or do you have a plan that you are implementing to make that happen?

Is your ideal future just as far away as it has ever been, or are you making gradual progress towards it?

Do you talk about what you would like to do, or do you shut up and take meaningful action?

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At the end of the day, what will you be saying to yourself?

Did you give everything you had?

Did you aim for excellence?

Did you make a positive contribution to the people around you?

Did you learn something new?

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