Today’s habits become tomorrow’s success or failure.

They determine whether we keep growing and developing, or get left behind.

They determine whether we have flourishing relationships, or dysfunctional ones.

They determine our ability to have a successful career, or one full of under achievement.

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I suspect that most of us would acknowledge that reading and learning is a core component of success in most fields.

Why then, do most people not read as much as they know that they should?

What is the secret to reading more?

According to writer and blogger Eric Barker, “The things that are not reading, do them less. The things that are reading, do them more.  The end.”

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Before a pilot starts moving a plane along the runway, they must be cleared for take-off.

Someone in the tower gives them permission and then they are able to start their journey.

We’re often like that pilot.

Sitting, waiting.

Hoping that someone will give us the permission that we feel we need before we start our ascent.

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To hit a home run in baseball, you have to swing hard.

To hit a 300 metre drive in golf, you have to give it everything.

To hit a six in cricket, you have to put your shoulders into it.

You can’t do it with a tepid effort.

You can’t do it if you’re not committed.

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According to General George Patton, “A good plan violently executed today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to get everything absolutely perfect before taking action.

Just one more meeting.

One more check.

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You can do this.

Say it again.

You can do this.

Say it again.

You can do this.

Say it again…

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Every day, before we enter the office, we should go through mandatory attitude testing.

Are we feeling optimistic?

Are we ready to serve?

Are we energised and enthusiastic about the day?

Are we prepared to do our best work?

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I’m not there yet, but I’m still going.

Sometimes, I feel like giving up, but I’m still going.

The progress is slower than I would like, but I’m still going.

My goals shift occasionally and can seem far away, but I’m still going.

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Great tennis players don’t just practice hard to maintain their current level, they practice to get better.

Great concert pianists don’t work hard to stay the same, they aspire to get better.

Great writers, leaders, artists, investors and speakers aren’t just maintaining the status quo, they understand that to remain at the top of their field, they need to find ways to get better.

And they do.

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Have you ever met someone with a flawless record?

Someone who never made a mistake?

Someone who was universally liked?

If you have, I bet that they have never actually achieved anything.

Because success isn’t about doing things perfectly.

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