If you’ve got an idea, I want to encourage you today to run with it.

To explore it.

To ruminate on it.

To talk to someone about it.

To buy books and do courses about it.

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As I walked into church last weekend, I made the mistake of making eye contact with a friend of mine who was obviously holding a clipboard (what a give away) and asked if I could help with collecting the offering in the service.

Of course, I agreed, but scolded myself for making eye contact with Les, when if I had ignored him, I could have just taken my seat and not had to help.

What a silly, self-absorbed perspective!

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You want to start a business, a podcast, a charity?

That’s awesome, but what’s holding you back?

I know, you want to know all of the steps in advance.

You want a magic, fail-safe 3-step formula to greatness.

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Who’s the leader?

The person with the fancy title?

The person with the prestigious corner office?

The person with the highest salary?

The person who has been there the longest?

Or is it the person who has the biggest positive influence?

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With the kids back at school this week and all of their after school activities starting as well, our household quickly becomes a blur of activity.

As a consequence, we try to make sure that we have breakfast together as a family so that we can start the day right.

As a part of this ritual, we read the bible, ask a question, go around the table so that everyone gets a chance to answer and then pray together.  It’s a simple process that helps us to get to know each other better, establish important principles and build positive and resilient mindsets for the day ahead.

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You may think that you are fragile.

You may think that you can’t handle any more disappointments or rejections.

You may place yourself out of harms way where you can’t get hurt.

But you’re not as fragile as you think you are.

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It most likely wasn’t one massive leap that got you to where you are today, but a thousand small steps.

Lots of little, daily decisions.

Lots of humble, repeated actions.

If you’re not happy about where that has led you, don’t look for the one magic response that will solve all of your problems.

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Today, our kids went back to school.  It was an exciting time as Hayden started High School and Madison and Logan entered Year 4.

And they were joined by thousands of kids around Australia who put their uniforms on, packed their bags and ventured back to the classroom for another year.

But what about us adults?

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Extraordinary blind long jumper Lex Gillette tells a story about when he was jumping for his high school at an event at the University of North Carolina about 8 years after he became blind.

Coach Brian Whitmer was his long jump caller, which meant that he was responsible for clapping and yelling so that Lex would know where to run and jump from.

They had a horrible start.  The coach’s claps were drowned out by the cheering fans, who were amplified by the indoor stadium and his voice just echoed through the stadium.

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Today, wherever you are, I want you to rub two sticks together.

To create fire.

To light up a room.

To bring the heat.

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