When people look to you in desperation, be a dealer of hope.

When they are seeking words to help them on their walk, give them something to look forward to.

When the walls are crashing in and turmoil is all around, allow your calmness to bring needed solace.

When the clouds looks dark and bleak, point to the blue sky beyond and a brighter future.

When your team is struggling and on their knees, lift them up with a strong arm and a warm smile.

When they look for reasons to complain, give them reasons to be grateful.

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Be a good friend to yourself.

Don’t put yourself down.

Encourage yourself to keep going.

Highlight your strengths to yourself on a regular basis.

Keep yourself accountable when you make a mistake.

But do it kindly and in a non-condemning manner.

Remind yourself on a regular basis that you are enough.

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If you plant and grow apple trees, guess what? One day you’ll be picking apples.

If you fertilise and prune your rose bushes, you’ll get wonderful, fragrant flowers.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Then why don’t we apply that same principle in the rest of our lives?

If you plant fear and discouragement in your staff, what do you think you will harvest?

If you ignore your kids or put them down all the time, what will you be reaping?

If all that you do is pick out the faults, guess what your focus will produce?

Think about what you want in the long-term.

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Whether life is treating you well, or it’s been rough lately.

Whether you’re healthy, or perhaps not feeling so good.

Whether your relationships are thriving, or you’re feeling alone.

Whether your bank balance is going up, or couldn’t go down any more.

Whatever your situation, if you can say, “I’m blessed,” I reckon you’re going to be OK.

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Today is Good Friday.

It’s a day of great significance for Christians around the world.

It was a very busy day for me.

We had Church in the morning, I had to pick Hayden up from his work in the early afternoon and then he was boundary umpire for a local footy match this evening.

The youth were running our Church service, so Madison was asked to be on the welcome team, helping to greet people at the door.

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It’s amazing to see an athlete hit the winning shot or kick the winning goal.

They just seem to be in the right place at the right time.

Does that make it lucky?

No, it means that they have positioned themselves to have an impact.

They’ve chosen to go on the attack.

They’ve practiced and practiced and practiced until what seems difficult, becomes inordinately simple, even under the pressure of a big moment.

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I love it when I come across a new word, so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across the word, effulgent.

Effulgent means shining forth brilliantly or radiant.

What a wonderful description of a person.

Their smile was effulgent.

When she spoke passionately, she was effulgent.

That’s my aim for the next few days.

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Tug boats are marvellous little crafts.

They bump and prod other vessels.

They pull and guide them.

They help them to get on track.

They guide them through challenging waters.

There’s nothing glamorous about them.

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We had lunch yesterday to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday.

It was lovely to spend some quality time with the extended family. They are wonderful people and everyone laughed a lot.

The food was excellent, especially the dessert.

And the venue was nice, with very friendly service.

All up, it was a terrific Sunday lunch.

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There’s something very special about the act of encouragement.

When you highlight something that someone has done well, it changes their demeanour and body language.

When you praise someone, you increase the chance of them doing it again.

When you put your arms around someone and inspire them to keep going, they are able to find another burst of energy.

When you brag about their achievements and they hear about it, it fills them with pride and increases their confidence.

So often, attempts are made to change people by using fear, anger, threats, abuse or a range of other negative strategies.

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