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I’m reading through the book of Proverbs at the moment (as I do every year) and once again have been amazed by the timeless wisdom contained there.

I know, and respect, that not all of you guys share my faith, but some of these proverbs have universal application and I hope that they help you in some way:

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Every day, we get to make a crucial choice.

Will I have a positive attitude, or a negative one?

Will I find things to be grateful for, or to complain about?

Will I smile, or scowl?

Will I look for opportunities to do great work, or to do nothing?

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Passengers sit up the back.

They make snide comments about the driver.

They put their destination in the hands of the one they are complaining about.

Zero responsibility, maximum commentary.

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Confession time.  This is something that I’m terrible at.

I think of something that I know I should do.

Give this person a call, send an email, make sure that you don’t forget to acknowledge that milestone.

I hesitate or get caught up in the busyness of the day and then the moment is gone.

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The always clever Seth Godin recently said,

“Ideas, bread and books are all the same–they’re better when they’re shared.”

Of course, we can add to that list.

Those with a generous mindset understand that wisdom is better when shared.

As is a wonderful, uplifting story.

Faith is better.

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Confront the negativity in your team.

When people start complaining, call it out.

When they start focusing on the problems, point to possible solutions.

When they point out the faults in others, be quick to point out the strengths.

When fear and despair pervade the atmosphere, set the temperature to hope and enthusiasm.

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In a world that bombards us with useless information and cat videos, so much of what we see and hear is irrelevant and easily discarded.

But that’s not a pile that we want to be left on.

We want be remembered.

As I see it, we have three choices.

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Dark clouds brood.

It’s a portent of the storm and rain within.  A sign that something bad is about to happen.

Mother hens also brood.

If they have eggs that they want to hatch, they will protect them and never leave them.  A sign that something wonderful will come forth.

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Don’t waste your time and emotional energy worrying about gaining their respect.

Don’t try to force it, or become insecure about the opinions of others.

Focus instead on doing phenomenal work and becoming elite in your field.

On treating everyone with dignity and making them look good.

On investing in your personal development and the development of others.

On keeping calm in a crisis.

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I was going on my usual daily walk, when I passed under a large tree that had scattered thousands of seeds along the ground.

I wondered to myself, how many of these seeds will end up as full grown trees?

How many of these seeds will even germinate?

What are the odds?

How many seeds must fall?

We get to plant seeds all of the time.

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