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A typical Sunday night conversation with my wife goes something like this:

Me:  “I’m looking forward to work tomorrow.”

Karen:  “Really?”

Me:  “Yes, it sure beats the alternative.”

Here’s the truth of the matter.  If I don’t anticipate it and focus on the positives of work, then I’ll most likely dread it.

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Do you have vivid memories of the past?

The hurt, the pain, the disappointment?

Perhaps the glorious victories and successes.

Or is your picture of the future vivid?

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New shoes are rarely comfortable.

They give you blisters.

They make you miss your old shoes.

But you can’t go back.

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One of the books that I’m reading at the moment is legendary American football coach, Pete Carroll’s “Win Forever”.  One of the lessons that he learned early in his career was, “that the first step to doing great things was affirming the belief that great things are possible.”

If you want to do great things, you have to believe that they’re possible.

You have to really believe it.

And there will be times in your life when that belief is challenged and doubts rise, so you have to affirm your belief over and over again.

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If you want to bring a cracker to life, add a little pâté.

If you want to bring a salad to life, add a little dressing.

If you want to bring a room to life, add a vase of flowers.

If you want to bring a workplace to life, add some enthusiasm and laughter.

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American writer and multiple Pulitzer Prize winner, Colson Whitehead says,

“The world may be mean, but people don’t have to be, not if they refuse.”

Do I hear an Amen?

The world does seem mean at the moment.

People are getting sick.

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There’s a wonderful opportunity in front of you to live your best life.

A chance to utilise your skills to make the world a better place.

The exciting prospect of leaving a positive, indelible mark on everyone who comes into your life.

You can help to bring peace to a divided world.

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The days that are given to us are incredibly valuable and sometimes we forget that.

So we squander them.

We develop negative mindsets and then influence the people around us with them.

We continue with the same old habits, making the same old mistakes.

Our wheels spin in the same old rut that we’ve been stuck in day after day after day.

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At a train station in the city there are some very wide stairs, with about 30 steps to the top.

Next to the stairs is a narrow escalator.

When I walked past earlier this evening, there was a long line to the escalator as people squeezed on for the gentle ride to the top.

But there were very few people taking the stairs and there was a lot of space between the commuters.

They all had a choice.

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What if, instead of taking calls all day, you have lots of conversations?

Instead of teaching a room full of rowdy kids, you’re equipping future generations of leaders and citizens?

Instead of packing boxes of meat, you’re providing meals for families?

Instead of counting numbers, you’re counting success stories?

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