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We all experience setbacks at one time or another.

They can be devastating experiences that give us reason to give up on our dreams.

Or a more resourceful perspective would be to see them as logs.

Each of these logs can be placed in the fire that motivates you to keep going, to prove them wrong, to achieve greatness despite the odds.

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When you’re hidden in the crowd, it can be difficult to imagine separating yourself and standing out.

If that’s you, look around.

Now, work just a little bit harder than everyone else.

Have a slightly better attitude.

Make a couple more suggestions in meetings.

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Are you leaving your current situation because you are escaping the past, or because you are embracing the future?

Are you desperate to leave, or is there something compelling you towards the next opportunity?

Do you spend your days (and nights) pondering everything that you hate about your job, or are you excited about the joy that is ahead?

Are you constantly re-living your mistakes, or are you looking for new opportunities to lean and grow?

Are you trying to break old, stubborn habits, or are you trying to develop new, more resourceful ones?

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There’s a test of strength taking place within most of us.

Will we allow our fears to stop us from living our best life, or will we be courageous enough to take action?

Will we let the dark thoughts win, or find a way to stay positive?

Will we try to hog the limelight, or will we freely and generously give others the credit that they deserve?

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Where you are today is not important.

It’s where you are going that really matters.

It’s the lessons that you learn along the way.

It’s the strength that you gain through persistence.

It’s the discipline that you develop in developing the fundamentals of your craft.

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One of my daily rituals is to read every day without exception.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like it.

Sometimes, I get very little from the experience.

Sometimes, I wonder why I bother.

Sometimes, I leave it until too late in the evening and think that perhaps this is the day to stop.

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We can learn about leadership.

We can understand the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

We can gain a better understanding of emotional intelligence.

We can read about how to get better at our job.

We can find a mentor who will teach us about what it takes to get to the next level.

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I visited an Adventurer and heard of his remarkable deeds.

I wondered at his pilgrimages to strange lands, his battles against powerful adversaries and his tales of survival against the odds.

I said with admiration, “If only I had your courage, your bravery, your strength.  Oh, what an adventure my life could be.”

The Adventurer put his arm around me and pulled me close.

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Keep tweaking.

Keep adapting.

Keep improving.

Keep practicing.

Keep wondering.

Keep asking.

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How many people will you help today?

How many will you make smile?

How many will you encourage and inspire?

How many will you be kind to?

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