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We see you.

Your kind deeds.

Your hard work.

Your acts of generosity.

Your persistence.

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Whatever you do…

Don’t do it half-heartedly.

Don’t do it to an average standard.

Don’t hope that no-one notices the shoddy workmanship.

Don’t complain whilst doing it.

Don’t do it with one eye on the clock.

Don’t cut corners.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.

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Sometimes, we look at the top of the mountain and wonder if there’s much room at the top.

We imagine it to be a lonely place that only a chosen few can climb to.

It’s not for me.

It’s certainly not for you.

It’s just for them.

I want to tell you today, that there is room at the top.

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There’s a lot of hard work ahead required to be successful.

Enjoy it.

There will be moments of victory, moments to celebrate.

Enjoy them.

There will be times when you look back and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Enjoy them.

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I love watching elite sport and listening to great music.

There’s something about it that gets the pulse racing and fills the heart with a range of emotions.

A close win is exhilarating.

A great anthem is inspiring.

A harrowing loss is exhausting.

A sad ballad is thought provoking.

Throughout my life I’ve played sport and music, neither very well, but both were wonderful experiences.

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Do you want the people around you to succeed?

To thrive?

To flourish?

Are you happy for that to happen elsewhere, even if you don’t directly benefit?

Are you comfortable with them outshining you?

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With the advent of social media, it seems as though everyone has a megaphone to speak into.

With a few spoken or written words, we can cast our thoughts into the stratosphere for the masses to consume.

It doesn’t take a lot of thought or preparation.  A stream of consciousness will do.

We can share the content that we agree with, or debate with those on the other side.

It’s quick.

It’s simple.

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What if that career you’ve chosen doesn’t work out?

You’ve spent years trying to decide what to do with your life.

You’ve thought about it, prayed about it, made choices to move towards it.

You’ve finally made it and you should be happy, but somehow it’s all gone pear-shaped.

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If you can’t see the positivity…

If you can’t see the reasons for hope…

If you can’t see the opportunity for change…

If you can’t see the wonderful possibilities…

If you can’t find a reason to laugh…

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Beige is ubiquitous.

It’s the non-offensive colour that is used on walls everywhere.

When you go to the hardware store, there are dozens of versions of beige.

All allegedly different.

But in reality, all the same.

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