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There seem to be lots of people with opinions at the moment.

Self-confessed experts who specialise in making predictions.

This team will make the play-offs.  This candidate will win the election.  This stock will rise.

Pundits everywhere and so often very, very wrong.

It’s easy to make predictions when you don’t have any skin in the game.

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My daughter Madison, was discussing her attempts at playing the violin last year.

“I was really bad,” she said.

“No, darling,” I replied, “You just were not good yet.”

As with anything, if she had stuck with it, practiced hard, listened to her teacher and persisted through those early months of incessant squeaking, she would have become more proficient.

And thankfully, since her dalliance with stringed instruments, she has found the piano, netball and cross country running, activities that she has been able to persist with and improve in.

Most of us have things that we think we are bad at.

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My two golden retrievers love coming into my office with me.

I have a nice, wide, glass sliding door that they can look out of and inspect the entire street.  They sit there, ears pricked up, taking full advantage of the opportunity to watch the neighbours (and their dogs).

It doesn’t matter to them what is going on inside the office, it’s what is happening outside that grabs their attention.

We can’t afford to fall for that trap.

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I don’t know what the next step is.

I can’t say with certainty what I should do next.

The future seems foggy and hazy and I’m not sure what is around the corner.

But I know that I can’t stay the same.

I can’t just tread water forever.

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Before you buy a horse, there are lots of important considerations.

Where are you going to keep it?

What sort of saddle and gear will you buy?

How often will you ride it?

What will you feed it?

Buying a horse is a lovely idea, but often those other aspects make it too difficult.

There are lots of other decisions that we make that seem like a great idea at first, but have other implications.

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We all have an effect on the people around us.

Obviously, it can be a positive or negative impact.

It can make others smile or frown.

It can lift their spirits, or make them feel worse.

It can encourage them, or give them reason to succumb to their fears.

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If you turn up and work hard every day…

If you do what you say you’re going to do, every single time…

If you’re always available to make a contribution to others…

If your mood and demeanour is predictable (in a good way)…

If you are able to stay the course and not veer to the left or right on a whim…

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What if you had 10% more confidence?

Would you put your hand up for more opportunities?

Would you perform better in interviews?

Would you get your message across with greater clarity?

Would you look people in the eye more and grab their attention?

Would you feel more in control and poised throughout the day?

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Make something better, it doesn’t matter what.

The … could be your marriage or relationships with your kids.

It could be your workplace.

Perhaps it could be the sporting team that you’re a part of.

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You’ve overcome challenges.

You’ve been both disappointed by and proud of your efforts.

You’ve learned important lessons.

You’ve proven the doubters wrong (most of the time).

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