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Happy Birthday Logan and Madison

On this day 11 years ago, our wonderful twins, Madison and Logan, were born.

They were born three minutes apart, but despite being twins, they are very, very different.

Madison is full of life.

Ever the performer, she dances and prances around the house with seemingly endless enthusiasm.

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For over 8 years, I have run my own resume writing and career coaching business, the last 6 years full-time.

It’s been a fantastic opportunity and it has been a privilege to work closely with thousands of clients from around Australia (and globally), helping them to achieve their career goals and find meaningful work.

But that has come to an end and I had my first day in my new role today.

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When God wanted to express how He felt about us, He didn’t send a love letter.

He didn’t send flowers, chocolates and a card.

He didn’t read us a soppy poem or write our names in the sky.

He sent his son, Jesus.

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Happy 13th Birthday Hayden

He’s like a big stag.

An athletic beast who can run all day and crash through anything in his path.

And yet there’s something likable and gentle and humble about this brute.

He’ll crunch an opponent in a tackle, then check to make sure he’s OK.

He enjoys sport, but footy is his true love.

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23 years ago today, our relationship started on a playground in Parkville.

It was a lovely summer evening when we shared our first kiss.

It’s beautifully symbolic.

We’ve been on the see-saw a few times.

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Well, here we are again, at the end of another year.

2017 was the biggest year yet for this humble little blog.  I made it to the 2,000 post milestone, traffic has continued to increase and I have now reached almost 2 million views in total.

Thanks everyone for your support this year, I really appreciate all of you and trust that 2018 will be your best year yet.

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My delightful daughter, Madison, has the rather befuddling habit of butchering the words to every song that she sings.

For example, when she sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas, instead of “Glad tidings we bring…” she warbles, “Good tingles we bring…”

So today, from our family to yours, we wish you good tingles.

The tingles you get when you feel loved, valued and appreciated.

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Madison, Hayden and Logan with their school sports awards

It’s that time of year again when we send and receive Christmas cards with updates from friends and family.  I have a few family members who write lovely letters with the details of their year and so here is the annual message from our family.

2017 has been a terrific year.  Richmond won the AFL premiership, the kids continue to grow and develop and we have lots of lovely memories to reflect on. Read the rest of this entry »

This is the 2000th post on this blog.

It’s not a milestone that I was anticipating or would have expected to reach when I first started this blog in March 2010, but it’s certainly one that I am proud of.

I started to make better use of my evenings as I felt that I was wasting my time watching too much TV or playing games.  I also wanted to provide a positive alternative in the often hostile and negative internet world.

So every weeknight, rain, hail or shine, I hit publish and another post goes out.

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When you read the stories of Jesus in the bible, you come across the most amazing deeds.

Extraordinary miracles.

Great kindness.

Brilliant teaching.

Authority over the elements.

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