When I go running with the kids, it can be a demoralising experience.

My oldest, Hayden, can get through 5km’s in 20 minutes and his younger brother, Logan, has got his personal best down to under 25.

Alas, I’m not even close to that.

I often go out for a run with Logan and his absurdly long legs take off with a bouncy, relaxed jaunt that I can’t keep up with after only 20 metres.

He makes it look so easy and I’m huffing and puffing behind.

Then there are the other runners that we meet along the way.

Some are clearly elite and have been working hard at their craft for years, whilst others, like me, are built for comfort, not for speed.

There’s a temptation to look at those who whiz past and just give up. I could never be like them, so why bother trying?

The important thing for me to remember is to keep running at my own pace.

To celebrate and appreciate those who run at their pace.

To keep working to get better.

And to understand that there are some I will never catch.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to running.

There are always people who have done it for longer and do it better.

There are those with a born proclivity for their chosen craft and they make it look easy.

That’s OK. Keep going!

We can only run at our own pace.

Don’t compare, just keep running.