As you sow seeds, you don’t know how they will turn out.

Some will land on rocky ground.

Some will fall between the cracks.

Some will be carried away by cheeky pigeons.

And some will land in nice, fertile soil.

There will be times when you sow in the cold of winter.

The soil is cold and unforgiving and there’s little, to no sun.

Other times, it will be in a harsh summer.

There will be no rain and the sun will char the seeds,

And at other times, it will be springtime.

The right time.

Growing time.

You’re not responsible for the soil.

And the conditions are out of your control.

Your job is to keep sowing.

Keep encouraging.

Keep empowering.

Keep contributing.

It won’t make a difference every time.

But you can be sure that it will make a difference over time.