If you plant and grow apple trees, guess what? One day you’ll be picking apples.

If you fertilise and prune your rose bushes, you’ll get wonderful, fragrant flowers.

It seems obvious, doesn’t it?

Then why don’t we apply that same principle in the rest of our lives?

If you plant fear and discouragement in your staff, what do you think you will harvest?

If you ignore your kids or put them down all the time, what will you be reaping?

If all that you do is pick out the faults, guess what your focus will produce?

Think about what you want in the long-term.

Do you want capable, confident people around you?

Then build them up and equip them.

Do you want them to put their heart into their work?

Then find a way to get their hearts pumping.

What you nurture is what you’ll harvest.

It’s inevitable.

So what are you nurturing today?