The AFL season starts tomorrow evening, which is always an exciting time for our household.

With my team, the Richmond Tigers, the reigning back-to-back premiers, I’ve been using the off-season to watch a lot of highlights of last year and one phrase that the team used a lot stands out.

“What’s in the way becomes the way.”

When something goes wrong, and a lot did, they don’t get frustrated or start complaining.

They go straight into problem solving mode.

If a player is injured, they find a suitable replacement.

If they have to go away from home for months due to COVID, they make the hub their new home.

If they have to play in empty stadiums, they’ll make their own noise.

2020 wasn’t a perfect season for Richmond, but it had the perfect ending.

Not because everything went right for them, but because what was in the way became the way.

And when you have that mindset, nothing can stop you.