My wife and I love watching our kids play sport.

It’s great to watch them compete and the drive to and from events can be a great time for conversations.

But tonight Mads frustrated me.

She was playing basketball and kept reaching for the ball with one hand.

She’s not usually tentative, but she seemed to have lost some confidence and kept dropping the ball out of bounds.

When the game was over and we were walking back to the car, she expressed that she hadn’t played well.

I countered with all of the positives from her game (including an amazing shot on the final buzzer), but also reminded her to grab the ball with both hands.

She’s not alone.

Lot’s of people go after the opportunities that life presents with only one hand.

They don’t prepare properly for interviews.

They fail to make a good first impression with influential people.

They don’t make a follow up call that could seal a potential sale.

And the opportunity is grabbed by someone else or just rolls out of bounds.

Grab it with both hands.

With confidence and strength.

It’s yours for the taking.

Don’t let it slip away.