At church this past weekend, we were reminded by our Pastor of James 1:19, which says,

“Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

It’s a simple quote from a long time ago that has never had more relevance.

Too often we are desperate to be heard.

We think that our opinion is more important than others.

We live in echo chambers, listening only to people who look like us, sound like us, affirming us.

And we get outraged and angry when we don’t get our own way or are slighted in the most insignificant way.

The solution?

Be quick to listen.

To those close to us.

And to those who have a very different background and perspective.

Be slow to speak.

It’s not a competition to sound the smartest or to be right every time.

Be slow to get angry.

Don’t be outraged.

Don’t start name calling.

Don’t make the world an angrier place, it’s angry enough as it is.

Let’s practice quick, slow, slow and let’s start making the world a better place.