I have a friend who is an amazing runner.

He has run 5km in under 17 minutes.  A time that I can only dream of.

I found out today that he has an injury that has held him back from running for about 6 months.

I have another friend who constantly battles with her fitness and running.

Her best time over 5km is just under 37 minutes, but more often she struggles to get to 45.

Both of these wonderful people are inspirations to me.

But how?

My friend who can’t run has taken up cycling instead while his injury heals.  He has thrown himself into his new fitness venture and is doing an amazing job.

My other friend completed her 100th 5km parkrun last weekend.  This is an amazing achievement that shows her grit and determination, even though it isn’t easy for her.

Inspiration isn’t always found in the rich and famous.

Sometimes, it’s found in the adaptable and the persistent.

Good work Andre and Christine, and thanks for inspiring me.

When I return to my local parkrun that opens up again this weekend, you’ll both be a part of the journey that got me there.

Who is inspiring you at the moment?