It’s easy to let fear win.

To let it rob you of your future.

To let it trick you into thinking that you’ll never make it.

To let it encourage you to look suspiciously at the person who looks and sounds different.

To let it make you think small.

To let it make it seem as though the obstacles in your path are much larger than they really are.

To let it deceive you into thinking that this is as good as it gets and there’s no use in trying to make it better.

Let’s beat that fear back.

Not in one sweeping action, but a thousand small ones.

Not with false bravado, but with quiet confidence.

Not with a snarl, but with a smile.

Not by avoiding our phobias and anxieties, but by facing them with our head held high.

And not by thinking that the battle is over when you douse the flames of fear just once.

But by understanding that this is a daily challenge that we all must face.

And that we all must win.