February 2021

12th – Bumps and Bruises

11th – Feel Free to Disagree

10th – User Error

9th – What if the Starter’s Gun Never Goes Off?

8th – Your Hidden Value

5th – Replay the Highlights

4th – Fascinating

3rd – Stop Barking

2nd – Contribute

1st – We’ve All Gotta Start Somewhere

January 2021

29th – The Day Will Come When I Can No Longer Run

28th – When Failure Isn’t Failure

27th – The Fish Won’t Jump Into the Boat

26th – Stay Close to the Fire

25th – Lots of Ripples, Lots of Effects

22nd – How Many Flowers?

21st – There is Always Light

20th – Find the Piece That Fits

19th – The Time is Always Right

18th – Quick, Slow, Slow

15th – Motivation Lights the Fire, Discipline Keeps it Burning

14th – Get Your Money’s Worth

13th – A Bifocal Perspective

12th – Inspiration From a Range of Sources

11th – I Knew You Could Do It

8th – Don’t Look for the One, Look for the Many

7th – Don’t Let Fear Win

6th – What Do You Want Us To Look At?

5th – The Difference Between a Master and a Beginner

4th – A New Year, or Just Another Old One?

1st – Some Things Are Easy To Predict