Frederic Ozanam, the founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society once said,

“Without any labour, there can be no merit.”

What a great reminder of the satisfaction that comes from hard work.

We sometimes want to avoid the arduous journey, but this is what is required, both to be successful and to feel content with our efforts.

If it all comes too easily, we know that it’s not as meaningful.

A promotion that’s genuinely earned is far better than to be the beneficiary of nepotism.

A gym session full of grit, sweat and pain is far more effective than one where you leave in the same state that you entered.

Beating my boys at basketball when they were only five isn’t much of an achievement, but if I can somehow get over the lone now that they are both taller and fitter than me is gratifying.

Similarly, they understand that when I used to let them win, it wasn’t a true reflection of their capabilities, but now that I’m trying, they’ve got something to brag about on the walk home from the local court.

Don’t take the easy road.

And don’t be tempted to let your kids do this either.

Because without any labour, there can be no merit.