If you’re obsessed one week with playing online chess.

And then the next week, you’re obsessed with wood-turning.

Then the following week, you can think of nothing else but cooking Spanish cuisine.

And then the week after, you’ve forgotten about all of the above and are suddenly smitten with cross country skiing, you probably won’t get very far.

Sure, the first couple of days, you’ll be encouraged by your progress, but you’ll never become elite.

The reality is, you’ll probably never even become very good.

Greatness requires sustaining the obsession over many years.

Practicing the fundamentals.

Learning the craft from the greats who have gone before.

Reaching a frustrating plateau for a while and then persisting until you get the break through.

Ignoring the distractions of other, seemingly attractive options, to stay focused on your true obsession.

Don’t look around for something else.

Stick with it.