Karen and Madison came home from the shops very excited last weekend.

Of course, being the dutiful husband and father, I rolled my eyes and wondered what they had squandered our hard earned money on.

It turns out they had bought Dusty, our spoiled golden retriever, a new bed.

Except that she already had a bed.

And this bed was in perfect working order.

And Dusty didn’t seem to mind it.

From my simple, male perspective, it seemed like a waste.

But we all do that sometimes.

We argue with people online, whom we will never be able to convince.

We do our best to turn a pessimist into an optimist.

We try to convince our teenage kids that the music from our era is much better than this modern rubbish.

We bring up politics or religion at family gatherings.

I’m not sure that Dusty will truly appreciate her new bed.

And I’m not sure if there is much benefit from wasting too much energy on those who will never appreciate your ideas, values or perspective.