The world is a very divided place right now and there’s a lot of finger pointing and yelling going on.

People are frustrated, angry and are looking for someone to vent at.

There are people I know, love and respect who give me reason to groan internally when I hear their views on certain subjects.

And I’m sure that they do the same when they hear my opinion.

Politics, religion, the environment, whether or not the Richmond Tigers are the greatest AFL team of the modern era.

They are divisive issues and they can tear us apart.

But only if we let them.

We may disagree on a lot, but there’s room for such differences.

Our perspectives may be a long way apart, but we can still be together.

There may be important issues that get our blood boiling, but we don’t have to call each other names.

You matter.

Your opinion matters.

We may not fully understand each other and we may vehemently disagree, but we can still treat each other with dignity and respect.

I know that love doesn’t sell newspapers or attract clicks, but it’s a good place to start.

And it starts with us.