This Saturday, my beloved Richmond Football Club has a chance to win their third AFL Grand Final in four years.

After such a tumultuous year, it has been a remarkable achievement from them (and their opponents, Geelong) to make it to the big dance and it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to cement their place in history as one of the great modern dynasties of football.

The Richmond theme song has been heard a lot over the past few years and the war cry of “Yellow and Black” from 100,000 fans makes it one of the most popular reprises in the league, but it’s another line in the song that resonates with me.

“In any weather you will see us with a grin.”

Rain, hail or shine, the anthem promises that the team will enjoy the journey, embrace the challenge and do what they need to do to be successful.

In any weather do you grin?

When conditions are far from perfect do you make excuses, or march on regardless?

When the clouds are dark and foreboding do you run for cover, or face the challenge?

When others are complaining about their circumstances, are you still able to grin and put a positive spin on the situation?

The forecast is for rain, with a possibility of a thunderstorm, for the big match on Saturday evening.

But I know that in any weather, we will see the Tigers with a grin.

Good luck to both sides, but I hope that I am yelling, “Yellow and Black” until I am hoarse when the final siren goes.