With the advent of social media, it seems as though everyone has a megaphone to speak into.

With a few spoken or written words, we can cast our thoughts into the stratosphere for the masses to consume.

It doesn’t take a lot of thought or preparation.  A stream of consciousness will do.

We can share the content that we agree with, or debate with those on the other side.

It’s quick.

It’s simple.

It’s dispensable.

It’s immediately amplified.

But it’s also a responsibility and an opportunity.

We don’t always see it as that, but it is.

We can complain and rant and look for sympathy.

We can abuse, belittle or mock.

We can debate with those whom we will never meet, nor convince.

And we can feel superior whilst doing so.

Or we can build up and encourage.

We can heal and help others to grow.

Instead of building taller walls, we can tear them down.

Instead of yelling vitriol across the abyss, we can whisper kind words of peace.

We all have a megaphone.

When you speak into yours, what do we hear?