My footy team, the Richmond Tigers are the reigning AFL premiers after an amazing 2019, but they’ve had a sluggish start after the 2020 season has kicked off again.

As a fan, what do I focus on, the big win, or the poor form?

Life is full of wins and losses.

Some investments work out well, and some will crash badly.

You will get promotions, and you will be rejected.

Sometimes, the party you vote for wins the election, and sometimes they don’t.

There are times when your kids are angels and you’re the best parent in the world, and times when they are mischievous ferrets and you’re embarrassed by their behaviour.

If you spend your days (and nights) wallowing in your defeats, you’re in for a miserable existence.

But if you can recall and feel good about those moments of glory, you can build your confidence and enjoy life more.

I’m not suggesting that we live in the past and never aspire to anything more, nor that we neglect the opportunities to learn from our mistakes.

But we all need to live with a greater awareness of the positive experiences that we go through.