A typical Sunday night conversation with my wife goes something like this:

Me:  “I’m looking forward to work tomorrow.”

Karen:  “Really?”

Me:  “Yes, it sure beats the alternative.”

Here’s the truth of the matter.  If I don’t anticipate it and focus on the positives of work, then I’ll most likely dread it.

What are you dreading?

What looms large in a negative way for you?

Is there a way to spin it more positively so that you look forward to it?

And what would change if you eagerly anticipated it?

Instead of shirking away from taking that course, you embrace the opportunity.

Instead of being terrified of giving that speech, you got excited by it.

Instead of seeing work as a drudgery, you saw it as a wonderful chance to utilise your skills in a compelling way.

Instead of thinking that you have to, realise that you get to.

It’s going to be a challenge to make the world a better place, especially in the current climate.

I’m looking forward to it.