Everyone’s crazy.

Those other drivers are crazy.

Some go too slow, some too fast.  Some veer all over the place and some stay too long in the one lane.

Those other parents are crazy.

Some are too strict, some too lenient.  Some are too protective and some don’t take responsibility.

Those other leaders are crazy.

Some are too focused on rules, some ignore them.  Some are workaholics and some are lazy.

Those other workers are crazy.

Some are too distracting, some never interact with anyone.  Some are sycophantic and some just don’t care.

Those other voters are crazy.

Some are too left wing, some too right wing.  Some waste their time voting when every candidate is useless and some waste their opportunity by not voting at all.

They’re all crazy, except me.

I’m a sensible driver, loving parent, inspiring leader, diligent worker and conscientious voter.

Or perhaps I’m just as crazy as everyone else.

And so are you.