I often think of people and wonder how they are going.

They may be work colleagues, old friends or family members.  Their name drops into my mind and I hope that they are doing OK.

But too often, it begins and ends with just a passing thought.  I never actually get in touch to see how they are.

On the occasions when I have reached out, I have never regretted it.

Either they are doing really well, (fantastic!), or they are struggling and are glad that someone cared enough to ask how they are.

In these anxious times, let’s not be afraid to keep in touch with each other.

If someone’s name drops into your mind and you wonder how they are, find a way to ask.

It could be a simple email, text or Facebook message.  It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it.

Maybe their name has come up for a reason.

Maybe you’re the right person to make their day brighter.

Maybe it’s the most important thing that you’ll do today.

When in doubt, reach out.