Wherever we go now, we are surrounded by hand sanitizer.

I have a bottle on my desk at work and use it several times a day.

There is a dispenser when I enter my building and outside the lifts.

Every visit to the supermarket requires a liberal dose before going in.

It’s everywhere and so is the smell.

Whenever I place my hands close to my face, I get a whiff of the odour and it’s a smell that after this pandemic is over, we will all remember.

Our sense of smell is closely connected to our memories, which means that for many of us, future sniffs of hand sanitizer will bring back recollections of this time.

My question today is, what will it remind us of?

Will it take us back to a time full of anxiety, or of resilience?

Will we remember the isolation, or when we found innovative ways to connect?

Will we contemplate the opportunities that were taken away, or the continued pursuit of our calling?

Will we recall the constant dread, or the unflinching hope?

I pray it’s the hope that we remember.

That’s what we’ll need to carry us through.