In a world that glorifies bigger as being better, we often see the impact that others have and compare it with our own.

And to our chagrin, we think that the influence we are having is negligible, or worse.

Today, I want to encourage you not to underestimate your impact.

You may not get to see a massive outcome, but every time you encourage someone, it matters.

It may not make the front page of the newspaper, but every time you teach your kids a key life principle, it matters.

It may not earn you a million dollars, but every time you bring a positive attitude to your workplace, it matters.

You may not get much feedback, but people notice and it helps.

You may not receive much gratitude, but people are thankful that you are around.

You may be hoping for a huge impact, but I would suggest settling for a positive one.

A long-lasting one.

A selfless one.