After the Richmond Tigers won the 2017 AFL premiership, breaking a 37 year drought, my darling wife bought me a limited edition framed piece of memorabilia with photos of each of the 22 heroes from the big day.

It’s one of my most prized possessions and when we move in the next few weeks, it will be placed prominently in our new house (hopefully, with a 2019 version, hint, hint, Karen).

I didn’t think that I had many limited edition pieces in my life until I thought about every person I know.

My wife and kids.

My extended family and friends.

Each of my wonderful readers.

You’re a limited edition.

Incredibly exclusive and unique.

Valuable and valued.

One of a kind.

Made for a purpose that is much more useful than hanging on a wall.

Too good to be framed.

Too good to be wasted doing something that doesn’t match your unique set of skills, passions and experience.

A true masterpiece, formed by God Himself to do remarkable things that He has prepared in advance for you to do.