March 2020

2nd – Your Focus

February 2020

28th – A Little Bit of Progress

27th – When Jaylen Brown Scores 20

26th – Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back From Trying

25th – It’s Got Your Fingerprints All Over It

24th – Travelling Companions

21st – Everyone Needs Encouragement

20th – Can You Have Too Many Good People In Your Life?

19th – Purpose + Passion = Unstoppable

18th – Get Ready

17th – Boldness Has Genius, Power and Magic In It

14th – A Quarter of a Century

13th – What Should You Do When Life Doesn’t Go To Plan?

12th – Some Skills We’re Not Born With

11th – In the Short Term

10th – Your Life Has a Purpose, So Live With Purpose

7th – Don’t Take it For Granted

6th – Gambare

5th – On the Worst of Days

4th – Is it Really?

3rd – Don’t Get Distracted

January 2020

31st – You’re Not the Product of Chance

30th – Moving That Donkey

29th – If You Want To Move, You’ve Got To Move

28th – Only Half Awake

27th – Kobe Bryant – Far From Normal

24th – The Next One

23rd – In a Crisis

22nd – The Sun and the Wind – A Story About How To Influence Others

21st – The Interrelated Structure of Reality

20th – For the Price of a Cup of Coffee

17th – Help Them Walk Two Inches Taller

16th – Dreams Aren’t Just For When You’re Sleeping

15th – Every Day, Without Exception

14th – A Little Bit Uncomfortable

13th – When You Take the Train

10th – In the Midst of the Important Messages, One Stands Out

9th – The Past Should Be Our Teacher

8th – Captain Ahab Didn’t Chase Minnows

7th – Will You Do What You Are Capable Of?

6th – You Don’t Choose the If, You Choose the Then

3rd – Our Real Heroes

2nd – What Will You Discover?

1st – How 2020 Will Be Defined