In a recent interview, long-time Miami Heat forward, Udonis Haslem was asked about the culture of the organisation and he responded,

It’s one thing to have a coach give the message and do the things that coaches do. But it’s different to have someone in the locker room that’s a living, breathing example of the culture that you want to transfer to those guys, that you want to impart upon them.

There’s no doubt that Udonis is a great leader.

He has contributed to 3 NBA titles during his tenure with the Heat and his pre-game speeches are iconic and inspiring.

And the above quote explains why he is so influential within that franchise.

He doesn’t just talk about culture and he doesn’t defer that responsibility to his coaches.

He lives and breathes culture in a way that has an impact upon the people around him.

What are the values of your organisation?

Do you live and breathe them?

Can people point to you and say, “That’s what our culture looks like?”

Are you a positive role-model?

If so, you’re a leader.

If not…