I stumbled across this wonderful quote today:

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.

Autograph your work with excellence.”

Today, I want to encourage you to look back on your work over the past week and how it reflects on you.

Does it say, “Near enough is good enough?”

Or perhaps, “I hope no-one is watching.”

For some people it may say, “I need more support.”

Hopefully, it says, “I’m proud of this exceptional, remarkable work.”

You are capable of excellence, I have no doubt about that.

You may not have the resources, the experience or the skills yet to deliver it, but that must be your aspiration.

Because if you are capable of phenomenal work, why would you settle for anything less?

And why should we accept it?

So, in the week ahead, remember that the standard of your work reflects on you.

And autograph it with excellence.