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Rain can remind us of many things.

We can feel miserable about the weather and pledge to never go outside.

We can take an umbrella with us in the hope of remaining dry and untouched.

We can ensure that we walk carefully, so that we don’t slip on the wet paths.

We can consider our garden that gratefully soaks up every drop.

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We live in a world of constant comparisons.

Our Instagram accounts are designed to make others envious of our lifestyle.

And we constantly check to make sure that we are keeping ahead of the next guy.

But whilst making comparisons and aspiring to be envied, we miss too much.

Instead of enjoying the moment, we hope that someone else noticed what we did.

Instead of liking what we are doing, we do things to be liked.

Instead of engaging in our favourite song at a concert, we get our phones out to record it.

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When setting a goal or trying to develop a new habit, ask yourself, “Is it sustainable?”

Can I see myself committing to this course of action in the long-term?

How can I ensure that I incorporate this behaviour into my daily routine?

Because going to the gym once is OK, but going four times a week for a few years will have a massive impact.

Reading one book is better than never reading at all, but reading every day will give you a huge advantage.

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Imagine if you did phenomenal work every day and how much that would inspire those around you.

Imagine if you found ways to improve your performance every day and how much that would help your team to grow.

Imagine if you had boundless energy and enthusiasm every day and how much that would lift morale.

Imagine if you were calm no matter how dramatic the crisis and how much that would put everyone else at ease.

Imagine if you constantly looked for opportunities to praise and encourage your colleagues every day and how much that would make it a better place to work.

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When you leave, what will your legacy be?

Will they remember how you made them feel?

Will they understand the impact that you had on their culture?

Will they recall how you made things better?

Will they tell stories of your resilience and optimism during a crisis?

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Sometimes, I think about how nice it would be if we could control everything, but we all know that’s just not possible.

We don’t get to control the weather, the economy or the media.

We don’t get to control the opinions of others, their moods or their attitudes towards us.

But that doesn’t mean that our lives are destined to be impacted solely by the circumstances around us.

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Every great writer has thrown out a lot of pages that were full of inadequate ideas.

That’s just part of the process.

Every great athlete has missed a big shot on the big stage.

That’s just part of the process.

Every great actor has fluffed a scene and had to re-do a simple take.

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We all experience setbacks at one time or another.

They can be devastating experiences that give us reason to give up on our dreams.

Or a more resourceful perspective would be to see them as logs.

Each of these logs can be placed in the fire that motivates you to keep going, to prove them wrong, to achieve greatness despite the odds.

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When you’re hidden in the crowd, it can be difficult to imagine separating yourself and standing out.

If that’s you, look around.

Now, work just a little bit harder than everyone else.

Have a slightly better attitude.

Make a couple more suggestions in meetings.

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Are you leaving your current situation because you are escaping the past, or because you are embracing the future?

Are you desperate to leave, or is there something compelling you towards the next opportunity?

Do you spend your days (and nights) pondering everything that you hate about your job, or are you excited about the joy that is ahead?

Are you constantly re-living your mistakes, or are you looking for new opportunities to lean and grow?

Are you trying to break old, stubborn habits, or are you trying to develop new, more resourceful ones?

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