We live in a world of constant comparisons.

Our Instagram accounts are designed to make others envious of our lifestyle.

And we constantly check to make sure that we are keeping ahead of the next guy.

But whilst making comparisons and aspiring to be envied, we miss too much.

Instead of enjoying the moment, we hope that someone else noticed what we did.

Instead of liking what we are doing, we do things to be liked.

Instead of engaging in our favourite song at a concert, we get our phones out to record it.

Instead of doing great work, we hope for recognition.

Instead of cherishing our kids for who they are, we try to prove that they are better than someone else’s.

And instead of being satisfied, we constantly look for more.

I don’t want to be envied for what I have, but I’m OK with being admired for what I do.

And I really don’t want to be seen as better, but as one who helps others to become better.