Are you leaving your current situation because you are escaping the past, or because you are embracing the future?

Are you desperate to leave, or is there something compelling you towards the next opportunity?

Do you spend your days (and nights) pondering everything that you hate about your job, or are you excited about the joy that is ahead?

Are you constantly re-living your mistakes, or are you looking for new opportunities to lean and grow?

Are you trying to break old, stubborn habits, or are you trying to develop new, more resourceful ones?

Are you trying to make a change before you’re trapped and it’s too late, or are you spreading your wings so that you can soar towards the horizon?

If you spend your days looking backwards and running away from the past, you’re likely to collide into an obstacle in your path.

But if you are running freely towards a glorious future, then a glorious future awaits.