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Opportunities are like trains.

They don’t always arrive on time or when we expect them to.

Sometimes, you seem to get to the station just as they are leaving and you miss them.

But there’s always another one coming.

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Two-time Olympic gold medal footballer, Ally Wambach reminds us in her book, Wolfpack, to rush or point.

The premise is simple, but wonderful.

When someone scores a goal, rush to them in celebration.

Get there first, create a culture of celebrating the success of others, give them a hug or a high-five, tell them how good they are.

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As anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m not really a salad sort of guy, so when I hear someone bragging about how tasty their salad is, I get suspicious.

Seriously, lettuce, cucumber and celery is tasty now?  No way!

But what matters isn’t my opinion, it’s their perspective.

Perhaps they believe it.

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