Chameleons are remarkable creatures.

With the ability to change their colours, they can hide in a range of situations, adapting to their surroundings to blend in.

For a creature like that, it’s a very handy skill.  Sneaking up on prey and sneaking away from predators is a great survival strategy.

Are you blending in?

Are you hiding?

Are you afraid to be seen?

Unfortunately, living our best life often requires us to be noticed.

To stand out from the crowd.

To be distinct.

If we truly believe that we have unique skills and abilities, then looking like everyone else won’t work.

And if we also believe that we are here to make the world a better place, then merely surviving is insufficient.

So today, I want to ask, is it time to change your colours?

To be proud of what you have to offer.

To put your work on display.

To risk exposure in the search for significance.