A young eagle was about to graduate from his nest, when he saw a large pig running around in the forest below.

“Ooh, that looks yummy,” he said.

“No dear,” his mum said, “you’re not ready to hunt something so big yet.  Start with mice.”

Being a good lad, the young eagle listened to his mum and learned how to hunt mice proficiently.

Then his mind began to wander towards his original goal of catching pigs again.

“No dear,” his mum said, “perhaps you should learn how to catch rabbits now.”

So he did so, then set his sights again.

“No dear,” his mum said, “now it’s time for lambs.”

The young eagle soon became a master of catching lambs and then one day, he saw a pig running around below.  He looked at the pig then caught his mother’s eye.  She nodded approvingly and the eagle took off from his branch and swooped down.

He had pork for dinner that day.

I don’t know what your goals and aspirations are.

I hope that they are big.

I hope that they are too big for you to achieve today.

And I hope that you are taking the small daily steps every day that are required to get there.