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You can have a flashy PowerPoint presentation.

You can look a million bucks.

You can be charismatic and enthusiastic.

But if you haven’t spent most of your time and energy on your content.

If you haven’t done your research.

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Find what your good at.

Potentially great at.

Find what your passionate about.

What gets your heart beating.

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When we hold the door for someone, we bring humanity and courtesy to our interactions with others.

We say, “You’re important.”

We put others first.

We make a way.

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Don’t worry about being better than the guy in the next cubicle.

Or better than your parent’s expectations.

Or better than your nemesis.

Or better than the very best in your industry or field of endeavour.

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I was watching an interview with one of the Boston Celtics’ players last night and in the background there was a message on the wall that simply said, “Every possession matters.”

It’s a great principle that doesn’t just apply to basketball, so let me encourage you today to take advantage of every opportunity, because:

Every interaction matters.

Every email matters.

Every single moment of every single day matters.

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I love reading and learning.

I love discussing life and its wonderful opportunities with others.

I love hearing inspirational speeches and messages.

But then I’m reminded of the words of Gandalf from Tolkien’s, “The Hobbit.”

The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there.

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To those who welcome feedback…

Who are always looking to improve…

Who take the initiative with their learning…

Who know that they haven’t peaked yet…

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Sometimes, we interpret our nerves as a message not to do something.

“Don’t apply for that job.”

“Don’t try out for the team.”

“Don’t put your hand up.”

“It may not work out.”

We get nervous and so we don’t try.

But perhaps our nerves are telling us something different.

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There’s a saying that is used often in Twelve Steps programs:

“Don’t leave five minutes before the miracle happens.”

I would agree.

Don’t quit too soon.

Don’t give up too early.

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When Scottish comedian, Billy Connolly, was contemplating leaving the docklands of Glasgow to start a career as a musician, Bugsy, one of the older workers asked him when he was going to quit his day job.

After discussing the peril of delaying his departure, the older man said,

“Believe me, there‚Äôs nothing worse than being an old man, still in here, thinking about what you could have done if you had got out when you were young.”

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