April 2019

2nd – High Visibility Work

1st – A Recipe Isn’t a Meal

March 2019

29th – Work on Your Abs

28th – Are You Buying or Selling?

27th – Have I Told You Lately?

26th – Career Advice From Michael Caine

25th – I Can’t Hear You

22nd – Roaming or Marching?

21st – The Fear of Contribution

20th – From Now On

19th – Practice Your Scales

18th – The Moment You Enter

15th – Your Days are Precious

14th – Big Little Things

13th – Busy or Effective?

12th – Shower the People

11th – Is it Time to Change Your Colours?

8th – If or When?

7th – Which Standard Are You Aspiring To?

6th – If You Dare

5th – The See-Saw of Human Interaction

4th – Whom Do You Need?

1st – Open Your Gifts

February 2019

28th – Together We’ve Got This

27th – A Good Reason Not To Run (Or is it?)

26th – You Don’t Have To Accept Defeat

25th – Passion Comes First

22nd – Start With One

21st – My New Toothbrush

20th – The Eagle’s Goals – A Story About Progressing in Life

19th – Greatness Requires Your Whole Heart

18th – Don’t Forget To Live

15th – Where Does the Spark Come From?

14th – More Than Half a Lifetime

13th – Drum Roll Please

12th – Learn From the Best

11th – Broken, But Not Beaten

8th – Why Do Camels Have Humps? – A Story About Our Talents

7th – More Than

6th – Today’s Habits Become Tomorrow’s…

5th – The Secret To Reading More

4th – Cleared For Take-Off

1st – Big Hits Require Big Swings

January 2019

31st – A Good Plan Violently Executed Today

30th – Say It Again

29th – Mandatory Attitude Testing

28th – Still Going

25th – You Can Always Get Better

24th – Have You Met Someone With a Flawless Record?

23rd – How Big Will It Be?

22nd – The Problem With Rainless Clouds

21st – The Complaining Monk – A Story About Our Attitudes

18th – I Worried

17th – It’s the Content That Matters

16th – Find Your Niche

15th – Hold the Door

14th – Better than Yesterday

11th – Every Possession Matters

10th – It’s Out There

9th – To the Coachable

8th – What Your Nerves are Telling You

7th – Five Minutes Before the Miracle Happens

4th – Career Advice From Billy Connolly

3rd – Inspirational People – Tyler Trent

2nd – What’s the Trick?

1st – 2019 – The Year of Planting