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22 years ago, my darling Karen walked down the aisle and we made a covenant together and started an exciting adventure.

That adventure has led us across Australia, from the Pilbara in north-west Australia to the suburbs of Melbourne.

We’ve holidayed throughout the country and in her homeland in the UK.

We’ve had two houses and a range of jobs and cars.

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When we buy a new plant for the garden, we want to give it the best possible opportunity to succeed.

We read the instructions, choose a location that will match its unique requirements, water it regularly and fertilise it.

And hopefully, after we have done everything right, it will grow and thrive.

Of course, there are some plants that find a way to grow despite a complete lack of nurturing.

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Goals are great.

Big goals are even better.

But they can take a long time to realise, especially if they are worthwhile, so today, I want to encourage you to find joy in the pursuit.

Embrace the lessons that you are learning along the way.

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Even if no-one notices…

Even if you get no recognition…

Even if others are doing the wrong thing around you…

Even if you are giving more than you seem to be getting…

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A good first impression is important, but we already know that.

Smile, be positive, shake hands firmly, make good eye contact.

Ask intelligent questions.

Look sharp.

Leave them wanting more.

It’s important and we know that the effect lingers, so we are on our best behaviour.

But what about the second impression?

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