It seems obvious that a doctor who cares will be able to provide a better standard of care to her patients.

And a leader with passion will be much more effective at influencing the people around him.

A chef who loves cooking will be able to deliver a higher level of flavour and presentation.

And a customer service representative who smiles and engages with her clients will be able to create memorable and positive experiences.

An enthusiastic teacher can inspire an entire classroom.

And a cleaner who can whistle while he works will be more efficient and more effective.

All of this is true and valid and relevant, but it’s not really why you should put your heart into your work.

Don’t do it because the outcome will be better, do it because it will become a better experience for you.

You’ll love Mondays, feel more positive about your contribution and take pride in what you do on a daily basis.

I’ve seen too many people be miserable at work.

Put your heart into it.

You’ll thank me later.